Pet Food is a very important part of our pet's life. Many consumers are confused when choosing pet food with every company saying their food is superior, however no pet food is better then the ingredients it contains. When talking about pet food the ingredient list should be used to prove that it is in fact healthy. It is the nutrition that will help our pet's grow, build a strong immune system and overall live long, healthy lives. When choosing a pet food a common practice is to look for meat as your first ingredient, which is important, but it is much more complex then that.

Canines and felines are classified as carnivorans; the dogs digestive system is designed to process mostly a carnivorous diet, while the cat is exclusively meat. Many pet foods have a grain overload which could possibly lead to obesity and diabetes with our pets. Some pet foods can have meat as their first ingredient but than follow with many partial grains or by-products, in turn the protein is derived from those ingredients rather then high quality meat ingredients.

At Critters we're able to help you decipher complex ingredient lists to find a diet that best suits your pet(s). We have many diets in our store that meet our strict standards and would love the opportunity to help you find a healthier diet for your pet(s). We are the only locally owned and operated pet store in Saskatoon that focuses solely on dogs and cats which allows us to give more in depth and specialized advice regarding nutrition.